The Tiger, the Brahman, and the Jackal

by T. James Belich, based on a folk tale from India

Genre: Folk tale
Length:35 minutes
Total Cast:8 (2 female, 6 male or female)
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A Brahman comes upon a tiger in a cage. Filled with pity, he releases the tiger, but the moment the tiger is free from his bonds, he advances, intent on filling his empty belly with the holy man. Just in time, the Brahman convinces the tiger to spare him if he can procure someone who would agree with his decision to free the beast. The Brahman rushes off to find someone to support his decision, but who else on earth would un-cage a starving tiger? Just before he loses all hope, he comes across a fuzzy-headed jackal who can’t quite wrap his mind around the Brahman’s plight, and together they go back to the tiger to decide the Brahman’s fate.