Middle Grade Novels

Gravity and Monsters

MG science fiction – 52,000 words

Twelve-year-old Kate seeks refuge in the woods saving trapped animals. She’s been stuck in small-town Minnesota with her mad scientist uncle ever since her dad’s unexpected death. She can’t relate to the gun-toting locals or the pesky boy who follows her around—not that she needs friends—and she definitely can’t relate to Uncle. He’s too busy punching holes in the universe to notice when she’s around.

Then a gigantic, Hulk-like creature comes through one of those holes into her world. After the creature helps Kate tend to a wounded deer, she grows to love the emotion-sensing, color-changing alien. It cares for the woods—and Kate—almost as much as Dad did. But even the woods aren’t big enough to hide a giant. When a local farmer mistakes the creature for a dangerous bear, he aims to put it down. And if Uncle catches it, he’ll dissect it—all in the name of science. To protect the creature, Kate must send it back through Uncle’s rift. Except then she’ll lose her friend forever.

And Kate isn’t ready to let go.

This novel was a winner in the 2017 Revise & Resub contest (#RevPit) and was paired with editor Ellen Brock