The Wind in the Willows

adapted by T. James Belich from the novel by Kenneth Grahame

Genre: Drama
Length:90 minutes
Total Cast:21 (2 female, 1 male, 18 male or female)
Extras and doubling possible
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What begins as a peaceful summer on the River is soon disrupted by Toad and his obsession with motorcars. After crashing several cars, he then steals one and lands himself in jail. His friends Mole, Badger, and Water Rat make every effort to protect Toad’s residence, Toad Hall, but are instead ousted by the Ferrets and Weasels of the Wild Wood. Will Toad escape from jail and regain Toad Hall? Will he learn a lesson about his boastful and impetuous ways? A spirited adaptation of a timeless classic.