The Mysterious Affair at Styles

adapted by T. James Belich from the novel by Agatha Christie

Genre: Mystery
Length:90 minutes
Total Cast:12 (5 female, 7 male)
Set:Unit set
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With the Great War raging on the Continent, philanthropist Emily Inglethorp helps resettle war refugees in the English countryside. Among them is Hercule Poirot, formerly of the Belgian police, and Hastings, a wounded soldier on leave. When Mrs. Inglethorp is murdered, Poirot must use his “little grey cells” to unravel the motives of the enigmatic husband, the cash-strapped stepson, the poison expert, and the rest of the household, lest his benefactor’s killer escape justice. Poirot and Hastings join forces for their very first case in this new adaptation of Agatha Christie’s debut novel.