A Slip in Time

by T. James Belich

Genre: Mystery
Length:90 minutes
Total Cast:14 (4 female, 7 male, 3 male or female)
Doubling possible
Set:Unit set
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Detective Datch Hudson receives a visit from a mysterious visitor who informs him that all the guests in a nearby house are to be murdered during a party. When the party begins the following evening, the guests are unaware of the impending danger… until they start dying. Detective Hudson’s only clue is a telegram which reads, “They say a stitch in time saves nine. But beware, a slip in time kills nine.” Detective Hudson finds himself at the center of a conspiracy which revolves around the research of Dr. Lance Rice. His specialty: Time travel. Detective Hudson must delve deeper into the pasts of the eight guests in an effort to discover the truth behind the murders and their connection to Dr. Rice’s time slip research. But one question continues to plague the detective: If a slip in time kills nine, then who is the ninth?