ReFUSION: Tale of the Oracle

by T. James Belich

Genre: Fantasy
Length:85 minutes
Total Cast:4 (1 female, 2 male, 1 male or female)
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Set in a land of myth and magic, ReFUSION tells the story of a newly born world and the tragic events which lead to its descent into evil. To guide the five races of the Unnamed World (dryads, humans, oreads, great cats, and gryphons), LIAMB the Light places into the world the Oracle of Wisdom. But when Trogalla seizes the oracle and sheds the first innocent blood, the oracle shatters and splits the five races apart. Darkness reigns upon the mortal stage until, one by one, the lost pieces of the oracle are rediscovered. This is the tale told by three traveling players, a tale brought to a startling conclusion by an unexpected visitor.