Why Penguins Can’t Fly, and Other Tales of Antarctica

by T. James Belich

Genre: Comedy
Length:75 minutes
Total Cast:20 (4 female, 3 male, 13 male or female)
Extras and doubling possible
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Welcome to Antarctica! Home of the South Pole, the world’s coldest desert, and the only uninhabited continent on Earth. Uninhabited by you folks, that is. Lori the penguin here. My brother and sister and I have come to show you all around this charming little continent of ours. At least that was the plan until Bill the leopard seal showed up and threatened to eat us if we don’t find the magical Fallen Star that once gave penguins the ability to fly (that’s the story, anyway). Throw in a hyperactive seal, a conniving little skua bird, several hungry carnivores, and… Well, if I make it home in time for dinner it’ll be a miracle. But along the way we’ll share a few of my favorite stories while we do our best to stay off everyone’s dinner menu and discover the truth of Why Penguins Can’t Fly.