The Pitch Wars Showcase is Live!

Hard to believe, but it’s been almost six months since I entered Pitch Wars. After waiting to hear if I was accepted, after months of revision, after polishing up my query and synopsis, the showcase is finally here.

Here’s my entry for JUSTICE AT THE ZOO.

This has been quite a ride. I can’t thank my mentor, G. Z. Schmidt, enough for all her help in getting this book query-ready. She knew exactly what this story needed, and I appreciate her feedback and encouragement so much.

Now that the showcase is live, watching my fellow mentees and writers like, retweet, and say how much they’re excited to read my story is deeply humbling. There are no words except thank you.

I also want to thank my wonderful friends in the Jacksonville SCBWI critique group: Laurie, Melissa, Heather, Nancy, Sara, Evelyne, Kimberly, and Shutta. I wouldn’t be here without you.

You can read all the Pitch Wars entries here at the official 2018 showcase.