#PitchWars – The Midpoint

Well, it’s been about two months now since #PitchWars mentees were announced (has it really been that long already?). I received my edit letter from my mentor a week or so later and then started in on revisions. Most of my mentor’s comments were of the “Yep, that makes sense” variety, so after taking some time to consider how to implement them, I dove in. I turned in my revisions last week, and I received a quick note from my mentor saying she likes the changes so far. Once I hear back, it’s on to round 2. The agent showcase is in just under two months, which means we’re about halfway there. I’m VERY glad that Pitch Wars decided to extend the revision period this year. It’s been work, but the pace has been reasonable. I feel good about the changes I’ve made so far, and I’m excited to hear what Gail has to say about them!